картинка Tree Frog Model Elite 1 Крепление на автомобиль для 1го велосипеда от магазина Одежда+
14 900 руб.
В наличии: 10 шт

В магазине – 10 шт.

Carries 1 bike (up to 18kg) and includes 3 TreeFrog vacuum cups, each rated to hold 110kg, and a strong, Velcro-closure rear wheel holder. The rack’s universal fork mount securely holds either a standard 9mm quick release or a 15x100mm fork—no need to switch out fork mounts! It even fits in a backpack, so traveling with it is easy, and it’s a great choice for use with rental cars. All TreeFrog racks are available with different fork mount sizes (including one for the Lefty fork) at no extra charge.

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