картинка Tree Frog Model Pro 3 Крепление на автомобиль для 3х велосипедов от магазина Одежда+
38 500 руб.
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Carries 3 bikes (up to 66kg) and includes 5 TreeFrog vacuum cups, each rated to hold 110kg, and 3 strong, Velcro-closure rear wheel holders. The rack’s universal fork mounts securely hold either 3 standard 9mm quick releases or 15x100mm forks—no need to switch out fork mounts! It’s a great choice for families, or for small amateur teams traveling to races! It can be mounted on the roof, hatchback, or rear window. All TreeFrog racks are available with different fork mount sizes (including one for the Lefty fork) at no extra charge.

Tree Frog